In every society and in every era, “to be a woman” and “to be a man” has their own meaning. Often radically different from others. This means that gender is a very socially and culturally determined concept, a performance. The word itself contains criticism of the biological principle, pay attention. We attribute qualities, expectations, and norms to the bearer of the sexual organs. Gender-neutral parenting is a fairly broad concept: it includes both a radical rejection of attributing any gender to children, and simply a rethinking of norms in family life. We spoke to parents who practice this approach in a variety of ways. The tasks of gender education are to help children realize belonging to the male or female sex, adapt to society, and start playing by its rules.

What to Write in the Essay About Gender Neutral Parenting?

Raising a modern child is not just a set of actions that provide for his basic needs and explain to him the difference between good and evil. Today, nurturing a child requires considerable knowledge and effort from us: we must be loving parents, psychologists, educators, pediatricians, and even ethicists for him. New forms of education are diverse. One of them is gender-neutral parenting. Among the main topics that can be used in creating a strong thesis for writing a gender-neutral parenting essay are:

  1. Gender and sex are different concepts. Sex is a biological fact. Gender is a social phenomenon.
  2. A gender stereotype is a simplistic, well-defined representation of the male and female way of life that has historically developed in a particular culture.
  3. One of the clearest examples of how gender stereotypes penetrate our lives is the division of children’s clothes and toys by color according to gender.
  4. Gender education means raising a child in accordance with the ideas accepted in a particular society about the role of a man and a woman.
  5. Gender attitudes are laid down in the family: boys associate themselves with their father and girls with their mother.

How to Solve the Problem of Writing the Essay About Gender-Neutral Parenting?

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